Sexual Assault is something that has been mentioned in passing on Fight Culture but I would like to take the time to shine a light on a problem that is perpetually kept in the dark.

I started boxing so that I could be able to defend myself and my friends. One night in high school we were out at a party, people were drinking, and some boys, in particular, were becoming rowdy. I don’t drink and so I was looking out for my friends who were a little tipsy. One of the boys pulled a girl onto his lap and when she tried to get up he forcefully kept her there. I didn’t know the two individuals involved but I seemed to be the only one who noticed. The girl was drunk and fumbly tried to get up while the boy laughed. I stepped up and asked the girl, “hey do you want to go get some pizza from the kitchen?”. The boy was kinda pissed off but I was able to take the girl out of the situation.

Even though this situation didn’t turn into physical combat, I was ready for it. I was CONFIDENT in my abilities to defend myself and others. Being confident is crucial in being a good bystander and diffusing a possibly dangerous situation. If you are afraid to speak out then when the moment comes you will remain silent and silence never helps a victim.

This video is to begin a conversation, break the silence, and to make a personal pledge about being a bystander. My personal pledge is to defend myself and the people around me. Please comment down below what your pledges are, I would love to hear from you guys!

Huge Thank you to my Co-producer Morgan Kohlmeyer for helping this video become a reality!



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