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“The artful representation of words-typography- is a fundamental building block of graphic design.” – Goodman


Typography is an unrecognized hidden art of design. Different typefaces and can shape the message presented and reinforce ideas in the reader’s head. For example, if you were advertising for a rock venue but used a swirly cursive font, the reader wouldn’t really comprehend your message. But if you use a blocked capital font your reader wouldn’t consciously notice the font but it would have a profound impact on the message being consumed.

Typography as a whole has gone through many changes and trends throughout history. From the first written words, the printing press, and our modern age of digitized communication, typography has undergone some massive shifts in styles. It begins with the old style, to transitional style, modern style, and digital style. Each has it’s own characteristics as you can see below.

From the Essential Graphic Design by Goodman

Fonts have a personality all their own and you have to find, or create, the one that fits your message, style, or personality. If your preset fonts on your computer just aren’t working check out dafonts.com SOURCE for more awesome options. These fonts will help you develop a cohesive design that ties together message and presentation.

Speaking of presentation, not only the fonts matter but the placement and even space in between words. Smart use of blank space is important in any design.

See this isn’t compelling and your message is squished.

The changes might seem subtle but when scanning digital media it makes a huge difference. Spacing creates breathing room for the reader to digest and comprehend the information. A well-designed image guides the reader through an image, making sure they are never lost or overwhelmed. by properly spacing you are presenting your message in the most easily accessible manner possible. Laying out information in an interesting and engaging manner is the heart and soul of design. It’s creating order within hectic information.

“A good infographic illustrates information in a way that is quickly and easily understood and adds context and clarity to the information being provided. It simplifies complex information in a visually stimulating way.”

An info graph can be a powerful representation of information. If used properly, it can enhance the reader’s experience by making information tangible. From reading to seeing, it presents the reader with a new perspective and understanding of the information. According to Inspired Mag, the top three things needed for an info graph are: focused data, clear design, and a shareable story. The possibilities of presentation are only limited by your imagination. Color schemes and typography naturally play a huge role as well in the development of these designs. If you need some inspiration, here is a list of the top 100 info graphs of all time.

This brings me to my favorite part of design. After you have the idea, the words, the style, the layout, you have the color palette. Paint swatches bring me unbelievable joy and while designing any product color plays a huge role in the finished product. I usually wait to add color till the end, see what kind of layout and message I am working with. Because while designing your message will more than likely change. However, once your message and layout are solidified its time to make it aesthetic and eye-catching. Color, similar to typography, shouldn’t be necessarily notices. It should blend and be a part of your message and design. Color is often used to link different products of the same company. A simple example would be a school’s color. All of their products are the same color, whether that be t-shirts, water bottles, or baby pacifiers. You can recognize the creator of a product by the color and design. A more artsy and creative example would be the Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel which uses a specific color palette throughout the film to pull the reader into the story.

Explore with design, layout, typography, and color to create your own personalized product that expresses who you are. If you have any question, please comment down below!


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