Get your name out there

Whether you are a fighter, a small business owner, or a student marketing your personal brand is important. A lot of great resources are out there for creating a personaized advertisement or business card. However, you can also do it yourself and start from scratch using photoshop. Here is a youtube breakdown if you want to go the homemade photoshop route: YOUTUBE :)

My personal philosophy when it comes to business cards is to keep it simple. Show people who you are without distractions. For example, I made a blog card for Fight Culture.

The front and back are cohesive and communicate a clear message about this website. Colors and logos are important and the same colors should be used on the front as well as the back. Everything on the cards serves a purpose and does not leave the reader confused. However, it also leaves the reader wanting to know more and interested in your product.

A slightly different approach should be taken when you are designing for a personal business card. This type of card should give the reader a glimpse of who you are. This representation can be taken in a million different directions and doesn’t just have to be your name on a piece of cardstock. Simplicity is my personal style when it comes to these things. Keep things straightforward, simple, and aesthetic. Here is a card I made for myself:   

Here I use my favorite color combinations and use the sun as my logo. Explore around with your personal aesthetic and discover some color pallets. Here is a great resource at Color Hex or if you need some simple images check out The Noun Project to get you started. Good luck you guys! Comment below if you have any question!


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