1. I am a fighter, hard worker, creative problem solver, student, and a human being
  2. Who are you in a past life? I don’t believe in reincarnation but if I did I would be
  3. If you were a mythological being what would you be and why? I would be a forest fairy because  Tinker Bell is the bomb and I love nature because it is the most beautiful thing on the earth.
  4. what is your spirit animal and why? Mine would be a kangaroo because they have pockets and pockets are incredibly functional. They are also very chill animals but if you start messing with them they will kick you in the face.
  5. if you were a natural object other than an animal what would you be and why? I would be water because it is the most versatile and powerful substance on earth and it sustains all life on this planet.
  6. If I was a man-made object what would I be and why? I would be a camera so that I could capture life instantaneously and record that one specific moment for ages to come.
  7. What shape are you and why? I would be a quatrefoil because it is a cool unique shape.
  8. if you were a pattern what would you be? I would be a floral print
  9. If you were one color what would it be? I would be blue, but the changing blue of a clean ocean or the sky, because they are the largest parts of nature.
  10. Two colors that you love together                                     
  11. if you got a tattoo what would it be and why? I would get a tattoo of three trees each representing a loved one who has passed away. My great grandpa Horry, my cousin Adam, and my cousin Macy. I would continue to add trees for each loved one lost.
  12. If you were a book cover design, an album cover design, a movie cover design, or a piece of art-work what would you be and why? I would be a Brynn W Casey painting because her paintings are beautiful and inviting but yet lonely, delicate and yet strong. 
  13. How would you define your fashion style? Functional and comfy but still cute. Nothing flashy or overbearing, not much jewelry, down to earth.
  14. what is your decorating or architectural style? Organically messy. nothing has a structured place but everything is in it’s most logical place. very lived in and relaxed.
  15. what are the five core beliefs that inform or comprise your value system? I can love others because God first loved me. Be honest with yourself and others. Always live with curiosity. Never be afraid of the unknown. You are never finished learning.
  16. what are your five main strengths? ideation, honesty, individualization, adaptability, and assess the practicality of a situation.
  17. what are five of your most distinct features? my extreme extroverted qualities, I am unpredictable, I have a wide arrange of hobbies, my ability to make connections with people from different backgrounds, and my curly hair.
  18. What three logos are you most drawn to and why?                                                                      Furman University Philosophy Club, Appalachian Trail Logo, Nat Geo Logo                                                                                                                                                                             

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