Little Fighter, Big Hit

Boxing is one of those sports that you have to see or experience to fully understand. It is a sport that has been made complicated through the eyes of society. However, seen through the eyes of an athlete we discover the dedication to form, the hours sweating in the gym, the determination to overcome, and the confidence to step into the ring. The ring is daunting, especially when you’re a girl. Outside of boxing, when people look in the ring and see a girl, they don’t see her expert footwork like they would a dancer. They see a girl playing a “Man’s” sport. But seeing boxing and hearing the stories is better than any words I could come up with. These pictures are of a sweet girl named Jaylyn, a Junior Olympic cross-country runner who is training in boxing. She runs a 2:48 for the 800 and has a quick right hook.

Jaylyn is a ten-year-old Junior Olympic Contender in running. She cross-trains with boxing and is about to begin her workouts.
“I feel like I’m special, you know what I mean? But I don’t want to take advantage of that because it can all be taken away in a second.” Jaylyn begins her workout with her injury preventative stretches and exercises.
“I love competition, it’s fun! and I get the feeling that I want first because I want to, you know, show out.”
“I use kickboxing to work my core and promote flexibility but honestly I love punching stuff and would do it even if I wasn’t running.”
“It takes focus. You have to like constantly be knowing what your body is doing and this is while you’re thinking of what you’re gonna make it do next!”
“Running and training has taught me to be grateful for the abilities that God has given me. I run with the high schoolers and I love running fast, the older kids make me faster, and I work hard to be in front.”
“Fighting and running are different but then again, they kinda aren’t. Both of them youre like, alone and no one run for you and no one can fight for you. It depends on your dedication and how hard you work. If you work harder than the other kids, you win.”
Jaylyn works footwork agility drills for about thirty minutes, combining both running and boxing drills into her hybrid workouts.
“I look like a cool kid in this picture! Like I’m about to beat you up or something but I would never beat someone up for no reason! Only if they needed it.”
“I have learned no to use boxing and fighting when you’re mad, you use it for self-defense.”
“My favorite part of boxing is sparring and getting to hit stuff because you can’t really do that anywhere else…”


“I mean I guess you could do that, but I don’t think people would appreciate it too much”


“My poppa has always told me that nothing is a substitute for har-work. One day I hope to get a scholarship to Oregon for running.”
“When you do something, don’t make yourself feel like you have to win, if you do that then you’ll be a loser, just have fun.”



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